Our Services


Home Automation

With just one push of a button, we can simplify your home entertainment lifestyle using the Elan g! automation systems. Let us wow you with interactive home automation systems of the highest standards. Dim your lights down, lower your shades and blinds, or turn the TV on and off with just one press! Call us today at (858) 565-4229.

Home Theater Design

Level up your home theater experience using the services we offer! We offer many different options for speakers and surround sound receivers from Yamaha. With our in-depth expertise, reliable services, top-notch designs, and a wide array of choices, home theater has never been more affordable. What are you waiting for? Book your appointment now!

Surveillance Systems

We understand that you want a safe and secure home at all times. Worry no more because we got you covered! Here at Digital Home Lifestyles, we offer surveillance system installations to keep intruders away. With our advanced surveillance systems, you can now get access to reliable recordings and view your property remotely. Call us today and let’s get started with the installation!

Lighting Control

We can replace your current lights, dimmers, and switches with smart devices using Lutron Radio Ra2. Count on our experts to give you the comfort and convenience of a high-quality lighting control system. Reach out today to take advantage of an innovative and smart lighting control system at your home.

Wifi System

From Blu-ray players to surround sound receivers to media players, computers, tablets, and even to phones, everything is connected at home. Allow us to help you put up a solid network with fast and reliable wifi coverage to keep everything connected at all times. Call us now!

Surround Sound Installation

Leave it to us to expertly install quality surround sound systems in your home! We have skilled and talented professionals who can do the installation services right and quickly. Experience quality and good entertainment sound system by booking our services today!