What Can a Smart Home Designer Do For Me?

Savant smart home touchscreen on kitchen counter in the foreground with a man and woman sitting at table in background

Discover How Digital Home Lifestyles Transforms Properties with Technology

Starting from the ground up is a tough job for any project, and home builders know this all too well. Whether you're working on a new home in San Diego or a remodeling project elsewhere in southern California, you know just how important it is to make your clients happy. To do that, incorporating stunning architectural details, smart technologies, and other modern features is imperative.

Instead of piecing together a system with smart technologies from various big-box brands, it's best to work with a professional smart home designer like Digital Home Lifestyles. Our expert team uses premium smart home technologies and reliable installation methods to ensure homeowners enjoy comfort and luxury in their homes without being overwhelmed with tech. To discover what a smart home designer can do for your home projects, keep scrolling below!

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Have a Fun Time in the Sun with Outdoor Audio Video

An outdoor audio video system plays on the back patio while four friends watch and talk together.

California Livin' Is Easy with the Right Entertainment System 

There's no need to lug around a boom box cranked up to its highest possible volume to hear your favorite songs and playlists while the kids play outside or you and your partner lounge by the pool this summer. And taking an indoor flatscreen TV to your patio to enjoy a movie night with the family isn't necessary either. How is that possible? With an outdoor audio video upgrade from Digital Home Lifestyles!

It takes specially made outdoor technologies to withstand the harsh San Diego sun, wind, and salty air. Read below to learn what you can do with an upgraded outdoor AV system that's built to perform outside!

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Make Life Easier With Home Lighting Automation

outside view of a home at sunset, with home lighting turned on both inside and outdoors

Enjoy a Home That Automatically Transforms Without a Second Thought From You  

 Imagine driving up to your California home at dusk, right as the sun begins to set on the horizon. Instead of pulling up to a property blanketed in darkness, it is illuminated brilliantly. Carriage lights on either side of the driveway illuminate your path, and lights in your gardens and amongst the landscaping showcase trees and beautiful architectural details of your San Diego home.

When you walk inside, the foyer is lit, and you safely make your way to the living room to set down your work things. How is this possible? With home lighting automation from Digital Home Lifestyles! Take a look below to learn more about this innovative smart home solution.

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4 Aspects of a Home Theater Installation to Consider


 Digital Home Lifestyles Takes the Guesswork Out of Home Entertainment 

As long as you have a big-screen TV and a surround sound system, a home theater installation is complete, right? Actually, it's not.

Unfortunately, many homeowners in San Diego and beyond think audio and video are the only components to a home theater experience. Luckily the expert team at Digital Home Lifestyles knows how to correct that line of thought. There are four major components that we always incorporate into every home theater or media room installation for our clients. Keep reading below to learn what they are!

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