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Create a Personalized Space with Smart Lighting Control

 a woman sitting on a couch in a living room with colored lights.

A custom lighting system can elevate comfort, wellness, and ambiance at home 

Did you know that lighting has the power to influence your mood and well-being? It is no longer used solely for illuminating a room. Although many homeowners still use the basic wall switch to turn lights on and off, there are better and brighter solutions now.

With smart lighting control, you can instantly change lighting scenes and, likewise, your perspective of a space. From having a disco effect for parties to creating soft amber glows at dinner time, lighting systems create an ideal environment for any setting. All the lighting fixtures in your home work together to elevate aesthetics, wellness, and functionality.

Read on to discover how lighting control can benefit your home in San Diego, CA. 

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An Introduction to Whole-House Audio

Savant music control display on an on-wall smart tablet.

Explore the Basics of Multi-Room Music Solutions 

Imagine walking into your home at the end of a long day, and your favorite music station begins to play at the tap of a button. As you move from room to room, setting your bags down in the foyer and then making your way to the kitchen to begin making dinner, the music follows you. You gradually start to feel your shoulders relax, and the stresses of the day dissipate. A gentle sway of your hips begins, and you find yourself dancing to the beat. Your mood has dramatically transformed thanks to the beauty and ease of having a whole-house audio system.

The experience we've described isn't too good to be true! Discover why now is the best time to consider adding a new or upgraded setup to your home today - keep reading below. 

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Centralized or Distributed, That is the Question!

Outdoor view of a Savant automated home with panelized lighting illuminating interior living spaces.

Explore Panelized Lighting Options for Your California Property 

To be centralized, or not to be? That is the question.

We don't mean to get Shakespearean on the topic of panelized lighting, but we get many questions from our clients who are curious about the difference between centralized and distributed panelized lighting.

The blog below will dive into the basics of these standard lighting design setups. Once you're done reading, you'll better understand the differences between these designs and how to get started with a new lighting system for your San Diego, CA, property. Keep reading below to start exploring this topic! 

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Why You Should Partner with a Savant Dealer for Your Smart Home Installation

Luxurious West Coast smart home outdoor space.

Home Automation Delivers a More Comfortable & Luxurious Smart Home Experience 

Homeowners across the country have started installing smart home tech to simplify daily life. Devices like smart locks and video doorbells increase security, while smart lighting and shading systems offer more control. But a smart home is far more than just individual technologies!

For elevated living, your tech should be fully integrated across your property and home spaces. Keep reading below to see how a Savant dealer like Digital Home Lifestyles can help you build the San Diego, CA, smart home of your dreams. 

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