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Home automation delivers a more comfortable & luxurious smart home experience

Homeowners across the country have started installing smart home tech to simplify daily life. Devices like smart locks and video doorbells increase security, while smart lighting and shading systems offer more control. But a smart home is far more than just individual technologies!

For elevated living, your tech should be fully integrated across your property and home spaces. Keep reading below to see how a Savant dealer like Digital Home Lifestyles can help you build the San Diego, CA, smart home of your dreams.

What is smart home automation?

So you’ve decided to install smart home technologies throughout your home. That’s great! Most smart home devices are user-friendly and intuitively designed to make controlling and operating them easy. Many devices may even have an app so you can control them from your phone. However, the more smart electronics you integrate into your home, the more controllers, remotes, and apps you have to keep track of in order to control all of them. Smart homes are meant to make daily life easier, but managing them can get unwieldy with so many different devices.

That’s where home automation comes in. A smart home automation system integrates all of the smart technologies in your home so that you can control everything from just one platform. That means you don’t need to flip through multiple apps to set your home the way you want. Instead, just access your automation systems platform through the touchscreen dashboard or the app, and you’ll be able to do everything from locking your doors to playing your favorite playlist through your home audio system on the same platform.

The savant difference

 Savant doesn’t just integrate all your devices. It automates them to suit your routine. For example, you can wake up to your favorite song with open windows and bright lights – perfect for starting the day off right. Then tap the “Away” setting when you leave for work. Your doors will lock, lights will turn off, and shades will close. When you get home, you can be assured your home will be exactly how you like it.

Savant also closely monitors your energy usage to find ways to cut back. This may include storing energy while the prices are lower and not heating or cooling your house as much while you are away. But when you arrive, your home will be back to your comfort temperature, so you can save money without giving up your comfort.

You can control your home from anywhere with the mobile app. For example, if you forget to close the blinds in your upstairs bedroom before leaving home, you can easily close them from the app. You can also access your video doorbells to speak to people at your doorstep.

Savant takes smart home convenience and adds a level of unrivaled luxury. Digital Home Lifestyles is your local San Diego Savant dealer and has years of experience in designing and installing premium Savant-powered smart homes. Contact our team of professionals today to add luxury, comfort, and convenience to your San Diego home.