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Discover how digital home lifestyles transforms properties with technology

Starting from the ground up is a tough job for any project, and home builders know this all too well. Whether you’re working on a new home in San Diego or a remodeling project elsewhere in southern California, you know just how important it is to make your clients happy. To do that, incorporating stunning architectural details, smart technologies, and other modern features is imperative.

Instead of piecing together a system with smart technologies from various big-box brands, it’s best to work with a professional smart home designer like Digital Home Lifestyles. Our expert team uses premium smart home technologies and reliable installation methods to ensure homeowners enjoy comfort and luxury in their homes without being overwhelmed with tech. To discover what a smart home designer can do for your home projects, keep scrolling below!

Thinks of all the details

At the initial consultation, a smart home designer asks questions – so many questions, in fact, that the homeowner may think it’s overkill. But let us explain. We’ll ask questions about daily habits, plus how and when homeowners like to spend time with their family, alone, and with guests. Do they enjoy parties, or are they more likely to enjoy a cozy night watching the latest flick?

We ask about the budget, the scope of their project, and what a successful smart home project looks like to them. We ask about their design tastes and whether they prefer overt technology additions or hidden components. These details are essential for us to craft the perfect smart home design.

Plans for the future

According to Statista, there are over 250 million smart homes worldwide, and the industry has a forecasted market size of over $99 billion. It’s safe to say that smart homes aren’t a futuristic fad; they’re here to stay!

Instead of adding kitschy electronics to homes that will become outdated in just a few years, we incorporate future-conscious technologies that will accommodate additional devices and new features as they become available. With a comprehensive design, a smart home designer ensures that the technology will work well today and in the future.

Works with proven brand partners

We’re a proud Savant dealer because the brand constantly stays on top of the latest smart home trends while keeping an eye on research and testing. Tried-and-true, research-backed technology is their specialty, and installing it into clients’ homes is ours.

Your trusted smart home designer

Digital Home Lifestyles is here for homeowners every step of the way during their smart home projects. To chat with us about your upcoming project or explore exciting home ideas, connect with us at the bottom of your screen or contact us here. We can’t wait to hear from you!