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Let your smart home manage your lights effortlessly Y

Throughout the day, we use lighting to help us perform our everyday tasks, from cooking in the kitchen to working in our home office and reading our favorite books. It helps keep us safe at night, highlights our home’s best features, and creates an outdoor space we can enjoy long after the sun has set.

lighting control system makes managing these lights effortless. In fact, of all the many home automation systems we provide, from home theaters to whole-home audio and climate control, lighting is one of our clients’ favorites. It significantly impacts their daily lives, providing unprecedented ease of living while enhancing their home’s beauty.

Let’s explore the changes it brings to homes in San Diego, CA.

One-touch control

Using easy-to-use touchscreens, keypads, remotes, an app, and voice assistants, you can turn individual or groups of lights off and on, dim or change colors, and create a specific mood. For instance, press the ‘Dining’ button on a custom-engraved in-wall keypad, and lights shift to perfect hues and temperatures for enjoying a family dinner. When it’s time to retire, tap the ‘Good Night’ icon on the touchscreen by your bed, and all the lights turn off.

When friends come over for an outdoor barbecue and pool party, press ‘Outdoor Entertaining’ on your mobile app, and the landscape lighting creates an enchanting oasis while the patio lights resemble candlelight. At the same time, the fire pit and poolside Tiki torches ignite.

At Digital Home Lifestyles, each home automation system is customized according to our client’s lifestyles and dreams, creating the perfect setting for their life’s many occasions. We can also program these buttons with entire scenes, setting the lights, turning on chosen playlists, and adjusting the temperature for each activity.

Automated schedules

Automated schedules create a lighting system that operates based on the time of day, your location, or is activated in response to specific triggers. For instance, lighting that resembles the sunrise may illuminate at a preset time in the morning, helping you rise from bed. When you arrive back home in the evening, unlocking the door can trigger the fixtures in the entryway and kitchen to light up.

When family members leave a room and forget to turn the lights off, your lighting control system does it for them. When you turn on the TV in the living room, your lights dim and the shades lower. In today’s automated world, we’re truly only limited by our imaginations.

Are you ready to enjoy the ease of living, beauty, and enhanced enjoyment today’s smart lighting brings? To learn more about the many options in today’s lighting control or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Digital Home Lifestyles today. We look forward to working with you.