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3 Things to Watch in Your Luxury Home Theater

man and woman sitting in a luxury home theater with a projector light showing above and behind them.

Turn Your Entertainment Space into the Ultimate Spot for TV and Movies! 

Despite your feelings about which film won Best Picture or who won Best Actor—or any other category—at the 2023 Academy Awards, we can all agree that this year's movie selection was the best it's been in the last few years. And something that makes every movie even better is enjoying it from the comfort of your own luxury home theater.

Below, we dive into three things you can watch in your personalized cinema space that will offer a jaw-dropping audio and video performance that rivals the local San Diego, CA, cineplex experience. Keep scrolling to learn what they are!

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An Introduction to Whole-House Audio

Savant music control display on an on-wall smart tablet.

Explore the Basics of Multi-Room Music Solutions 

Imagine walking into your home at the end of a long day, and your favorite music station begins to play at the tap of a button. As you move from room to room, setting your bags down in the foyer and then making your way to the kitchen to begin making dinner, the music follows you. You gradually start to feel your shoulders relax, and the stresses of the day dissipate. A gentle sway of your hips begins, and you find yourself dancing to the beat. Your mood has dramatically transformed thanks to the beauty and ease of having a whole-house audio system.

The experience we've described isn't too good to be true! Discover why now is the best time to consider adding a new or upgraded setup to your home today - keep reading below. 

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4 Aspects of a Home Theater Installation to Consider


 Digital Home Lifestyles Takes the Guesswork Out of Home Entertainment 

As long as you have a big-screen TV and a surround sound system, a home theater installation is complete, right? Actually, it's not.

Unfortunately, many homeowners in San Diego and beyond think audio and video are the only components to a home theater experience. Luckily the expert team at Digital Home Lifestyles knows how to correct that line of thought. There are four major components that we always incorporate into every home theater or media room installation for our clients. Keep reading below to learn what they are!

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