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Discover why a media room setup may be a better fit for families

The movie and TV show entertainment businesses are booming, from million-dollar movie budgets to riveting new Netflix and HBO Max original series practically every week! But there are other types of entertainment that homeowners in San Diego, CA, want to bring into their luxury homes too, such as gaming, exercise videos, and sports, to name a few.

It’s essential that an entertainment space is a multi-functional area fit for the entire family to enjoy. That’s why home media rooms are the perfect AV solution for those looking to do more than only watch TV shows and movies. Keep reading below to discover more about this versatile audio/video setup and why you should consider one for your new construction home.

Built from the ground up

New construction homes are the perfect blank canvas ready for technology integration. Before drywall ever goes up or any technology equipment is ever ordered, our team consults with homeowners to determine their entertainment priorities. For those who want a versatile space that the entire family can enjoy – and where texting and chatting are allowed – then a media room is a great solution.

All necessary networking and low-voltage wiring needs are addressed in our initial media room design, and we will find the perfect large-screen TV or projector and projection screen combination to fit the size and shape of your space. Everyone in the room will see a vibrant, engaging picture for games, movies, TV shows, and sports.

The best seat in the house

Our team also finds the perfect seating and furniture arrangement to ensure every seat in the room is the best seat. Your comfort is at the heart of the space, from comfortable chaise loungers to sectionals to plush recliners. A media room is truly fit for the whole family!

The kids can play on their tablets while relaxing on bean bag chairs while you and your partner get cozy on the large sectional sofa. On the other side of the room are chairs set in a conversational arrangement, perfect for reading a book by the window as the sun rises or having a friendly hangout with a guest over coffee. Because a media room is suitable for multiple entertainment activities happening at once, the seating options are nearly limitless.

Impressive audio/video

Most home media rooms have media entertainment as the central activity, so stunning 4K image quality and high-performance surround sound are must-have criteria for this space. But one of the more exciting aspects of a media room AV setup includes components that can hide away when not in use.

That means with the touch of a button, your projector and projection screen roll back into the ceiling, not to be seen while not being used. In-wall and in-ceiling speakers offer immersive soundscapes without taking up too much valuable floor space in the room. Or you can opt for beautiful floorstanding speakers that are eye-catching conversation starters. The choice is yours!

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