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Enjoy a home that automatically transforms without a second thought from you

 Imagine driving up to your California home at dusk, right as the sun begins to set on the horizon. Instead of pulling up to a property blanketed in darkness, it is illuminated brilliantly. Carriage lights on either side of the driveway illuminate your path, and lights in your gardens and amongst the landscaping showcase trees and beautiful architectural details of your San Diego home.

When you walk inside, the foyer is lit, and you safely make your way to the living room to set down your work things. How is this possible? With home lighting automation from Digital Home Lifestyles! Take a look below to learn more about this innovative smart home solution.

Automated lighting

A property with automated lighting responds without a second thought from homeowners. Our expert team programs interior and exterior lighting solutions to turn on and off according to a schedule. If you wake up at the same time every day, bedroom and kitchen lights can turn on in sync with the buzz of your alarm.

Pre-programmed lighting functionality adds convenience to your hectic lifestyle. Not fumbling for the light switch as you step into your home after running a quick errand makes life a lot less stressful.

Smart scenes & operation

So, what about the times when you want to control your lights as you need, shining light on tasks right on the spot? That’s where smart scenes come in! Bright, white light is perfect in the kitchen to let you safely see your cutting board and vegetables while preparing for a dinner date with your partner.

Simply press the “Cooking” button on an on-wall keypad or touch panel to make it happen. As you head to the dining room, press a “Dinner” scene that dims the lighting to a soft, amber glow that exudes romance or close conversations over a freshly cooked meal.

And what about the times you need the lights to do something they don’t typically do? Adjust them on the fly! Dim, brighten, turn on, or turn off one fixture, an entire room, or every bulb in your home. It’s all possible with a home lighting automation system From Digital Home Lifestyles.

Your lighting partner 

We pride ourselves on our ability to bring one-tap lighting solutions to homeowners to make their lives easier and add a touch of luxury to daily life. Contact us using our online form, or chat with us below to start a conversation about your new or upgraded automated lighting system!