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Learn why you need a media room upgrade in your california home

It’s the perfect time of year to stay cozy inside your California home once the sun goes down. Binge-watching a new Netflix series, streaming the latest Hollywood release, and watching the big game are all options for home entertainment, but are you making the most of the experience?

If you’re still juggling remotes to adjust the volume or switch between the Blu-ray player and the Xbox console, then it’s time for a media room overhaul in your La Jolla-area home. Keep reading below to learn what media room essentials you need to consider, then connect with us here to start the conversation.

The media room experience

The main difference between a home theater and a media room is functionality. Though both are home entertainment spaces offering stunning image and audio quality, both have their primary objectives. For home theaters, the viewing experience is the primary activity occurring in the space. The thought of pulling out a cell phone to respond to a text would likely not be welcome.

On the other hand, a media room is an entertainment space that’s fit for the entire family, no matter if they’re texting their friends, playing a game on an iPad, or watching an original Hulu series right next to you on the sofa! Media rooms are multi-functional areas that combine audio, video, seating, music, and just about any other activity into one extremely fun space of your La Jolla-area home!

Watching the big game

The biggest game of the season – the Super Bowl – is right around the corner. And what better way to experience the action than with an upgraded media room outfitted with comfortable seating, a stunning 4K resolution large screen TV or projection screen, and a surround sound system that makes you feel like you’re in the stands right on the 50-yard line!

The professionals at Digital Home Lifestyles will work with you to find the perfect audio and video components to suit your needs, not only for the most exciting televised game of the year, but for the rest of your viewing activities, too. Displays that reduce motion blur are perfect for sports, but they also work wonders for the serious gamers in your life. Catching detailed plays in ultra-high-resolution makes you feel like you’re in the bleachers even though you’re sitting at home, so you won’t have FOMO, and your guests will likely argue less frequently about the ref’s calls. And tactical gaming missions or racing games will no longer make you feel seasick from the distorted graphics.

For professional-grade audio/video solutions in your media room upgrade, contact the professionals at Digital Home Lifestyles. You can chat with us at the bottom of your screen or connect with us here to get started.