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Enjoy your favorite entertainment with a system customized for your space

There’s something special about doing things outside, like enjoying a meal under the setting summer sun. That’s why so many people spend time making their backyard and patio a place of luxury that they love to spend time and entertain in. But imagine being able to take your outdoor space to the next level. Instead of being an outdoor sitting space, you can turn it into a premium entertainment area. Outdoor audio-video systems bring all your favorite music, movies, and shows to your patio or backyard. You’ll be able to watch a movie with the family under the stars or play music during a pool party with family and friends. However you use your outdoor space, outdoor AV is there to enhance the experience. Keep reading to learn how to craft the perfect outdoor entertainment system for your Del Mar, CA, home.

Create a sound system

First, think about your outdoor space. Is it small or expansive? Do you have a pool or winding garden trails? No matter the answer, there are solutions that fit your needs! You can have prominent, eye-catching speakers that deliver sound to your patio or discreet speakers that blend into your landscaping to bring audio to your pool or sprawling backyard. Stealth Acoustics’ Stingray line is a perfect option for powerful, unobtrusive outdoor speakers that can blend into any space, whether it’s brick wall or landscaping.

Choose a tv

Next, you can choose your outdoor TV. SunBrite has a series of TVs durable enough to withstand the elements without compromising image quality. While picking a TV, think about where it’ll be installed. Will it hang on the wall in a covered patio, or will it be out in the full sun? Knowing the answer to this will help you choose the best TV for you.

SunBrite has full-shade, partial-shade, and full-sun TVs. Each of these is designed to give you the best image possible, given how much sunlight may be hitting the screen. For example, a full-sun TV is specially designed to give you a bright, glare-free image, even when in direct sunlight. Decide where you’ll want to enjoy movies and TV in your outdoor space, and choose the TV that best suits your needs.

Transform your beautiful patio and backyard in Del Mar, CA, with outdoor audio-video technologies. You’ll love being able to enjoy your favorite entertainment under the California sun, and you will amaze your family and friends with your outdoor AV. To get started crafting your perfect outdoor entertainment system, contact Digital Home Lifestyles today! We can bring premium outdoor technologies to your home for an unforgettable entertainment experience.