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Explore the basics of multi-room music solutions

Imagine walking into your home at the end of a long day, and your favorite music station begins to play at the tap of a button. As you move from room to room, setting your bags down in the foyer and then making your way to the kitchen to begin making dinner, the music follows you. You gradually start to feel your shoulders relax, and the stresses of the day dissipate. A gentle sway of your hips begins, and you find yourself dancing to the beat. Your mood has dramatically transformed thanks to the beauty and ease of having a whole-house audio system.

The experience we’ve described isn’t too good to be true! Discover why now is the best time to consider adding a new or upgraded setup to your home today – keep reading below.

Start planning early

 Building a new home can feel overwhelming with the sheer amount of details that need to be addressed. Though you can incorporate a whole-house audio system well after drywall installation, the best time to design and install a new system is long before wiring and walls go up! Ample planning time gives homeowners and our team a blank canvas to work with, and nearly anything is possible as long as your budget allows for it.

Our audio/video team will assess your family’s listening preferences and design a system bespoke to your new home! Then, we’ll ensure every wire, connection, and product is expertly installed and their performance exceeds your expectations.

By beginning the process early, you can reduce your costs by not having to tear into walls and handle massive remodeling projects. Plus, your system will be designed to not only work superbly now, but we’ll plan for future growth! Adding speakers and other AV components shouldn’t throw homeowners for a loop and leave them sorting through wires and further messy details.

More than music

Of course, you can always go to the local big box retailer to find a speaker and set it up yourself. But if you want immersive audio experiences, contacting a professional is the ideal option! And an integration expert like Digital Home Lifestyles does more than audio/video. Our team handles low-voltage wiring, lighting control, automated shades, and outdoor entertainment. Plus, we have the extensive knowledge and experience to program each of these disparate systems to work cohesively together in one intuitive smart home control system for the ultimate luxury living experience.

If you’re ready to explore whole-house audio and other smart home solutions, connect with our team today to get started! We can’t wait to hear from you.