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Digital home lifestyles takes the guesswork out of home entertainment

As long as you have a big-screen TV and a surround sound system, a home theater installation is complete, right? Actually, it’s not.

Unfortunately, many homeowners in San Diego and beyond think audio and video are the only components to a home theater experience. Luckily the expert team at Digital Home Lifestyles knows how to correct that line of thought. There are four major components that we always incorporate into every home theater or media room installation for our clients. Keep reading below to learn what they are!

1. Seating

Besides just being comfortable, home theater seating needs to be placed with intention throughout the space, so every viewer has a comfortable viewing position. Craning the neck left, right, or upward toward the screen can be a literal pain, and having someone’s head block the screen causes frustration. Our team will assess an entertainment space before drafting any designs or suggesting products.

Solutions include adding risers, banks of recliners, and other furniture upholstered in luxurious fabrics that complement every movie marathon and binge-worthy Netflix series. Our team can work alongside builders, architects, and interior designers to ensure all aspects of the home complement one another.

2. Acoustical treatment

Consider the room as part of the audio system. The fabrics and finishes in a home theater space work in partnership with the sound. Smooth, lush fabrics and decor are preferred over stark, varied decor that can potentially absorb and deflect sound in unexpected ways. Ideally, the goal is to prevent soundwaves from dropping off or bouncing around because that affects the sound the viewer hears in their seat. We can add acoustic panels as part of the room’s decor, but ideally, we could work alongside builders to address potential issues before the drywall is ever installed.

3. Audio

Can you imagine watching a film where the actors whisper the entire time? Or yell? Too-loud or too-quiet audio can ruin the viewing experience, but a bespoke sound system installed in your home theater space immerses everyone into the action, romance, or drama of every scene with stunning clarity.

Left, right, and center speakers deliver up to 85% of the dialogue and the majority of special effects, according to CEDIA industry training materials. These should be installed at the front of the room centered in-line or as close to the TV or projection screen as possible. Add surround sound speakers placed at the back of the room and upward-firing Dolby Atmos speakers to create a truly immersive soundscape for TV shows, movies, sports, gaming, and more!

4. Video

Go big or go home, right? Well, too large of a screen in a too-small room causes issues with viewer comfort and forces them to turn left or right to see the scene in its entirety. By assessing your home theater or media room space first, our team can determine the best TV display or projector and projection screen combinations and sizes. By working with high-performance brands like Sony and JVC, we help our clients enjoy a home theater installation that offers stunning high resolution that stands the test of time.

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