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Manage the california sun with the tap of a button

Your home is your personal oasis, serving as a place to help you ease slowly into the busy day ahead or relax at the end of a stressful one. Consider adding motorized shades to your living spaces to make your home in the San Diego, CA, area more enjoyable. You can add them to a single room or the entire property, but either way, you’ll enjoy incredible convenience and a touch of class every time you open or close the window treatments.

Keep reading to discover three rooms you can improve with this innovative smart home solution.

Media room

The media room is the entertainment center of your home, bringing the entire family together to watch movies, play games, and catch up on the latest episode of a Netflix original series. When the TV isn’t in use, it’s a fantastic place to hang out with friends, for the kids to do homework, or to read the latest bestseller. But as the sun crosses the sky, there’s no reason to deal with an annoying glare on the TV screen or sit in a too-warm sunbeam on the couch unless you want to!

Press a button on a metallic-finished wall keypad or use a smart remote to lower shades to the perfect setting, removing glare from the TV screen in an instant! Opt for opaque, tightly-woven fabrics that block ambient light during TV viewing sessions or looser-woven fabrics that maintain your gorgeous outdoor California views—the choice is yours.


In bedrooms, blackout fabric styles are best to ensure excess light doesn’t enter your sleeping space while you’re trying to rest. Removing distracting lights from this area ensures you’re well-rested and can relax at the end of each day. In the mornings, you can program your window treatments to rise automatically, letting soft filtered sunlight into your bedroom gradually. This easygoing method of rising for the day is much nicer than a blaring alarm clock!


Imagine sipping your favorite morning beverage, whether it’s a robust Earl Gray tea or a piping hot cup of dark roast, while looking through your bay windows to your perfectly maintained yard. Window treatments rose automatically at a pre-scheduled time, welcoming you into the kitchen and dining spaces with warming natural light. At dusk, the shades will lower automatically to add privacy from peering eyes outdoors. There’s no need to think twice about it; your shades and blinds function automatically!

Want to learn more about motorized shades? Chat with a representative at the bottom of your screen or connect with us here to start a conversation about your smart home project ideas. We look forward to hearing from you.