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Experience a luxury living experience with advanced technologies

Life can feel hectic. There’s work, running errands, taking care of the kids, and a myriad of other things you need to handle each and every day. Instead of buckling under the pressure, why not let your San Diego, CA, home help out a bit? With smart home control, you can manage every area of your property with a simple tap of a finger or with a preset schedule.

As a professional home automation company, Digital Home Lifestyles proudly transforms homeowners’ daily lifestyles with sophisticated technology systems that are intuitive and easy to use – even your parents and kids can figure it out! Want to learn more? Keep reading below to discover two living spaces in your home that you can enhance when you have a smart home integrator by your side.

Home theater or media room

The “TV room” has dramatically evolved over the last few decades. It’s still the main entertainment hub for the family, but now there are two distinct versions that most homes have: the dedicated home theater space that replicates the cinema-going experience and the multi-purpose media room where various activities can occur simultaneously.

Depending on your listening and viewing preferences, you can enjoy immersive audio and video performances, plush furnishings, and a perfectly designed acoustic experience by simply pressing the Play button. The Digital Home Lifestyles team coordinates all your media sources – Blu-ray player, Xbox, surround sound system, etc. – so everything works in harmony using one system. Opt for a smart remote, touchscreen tablet, or smartphone app to control it all, and there’s no need to juggle multiple remotes to change the channel or switch streaming platforms. The entire family will love the simple yet powerful space fit for movies, TV shows, video games, family gatherings, and more!

The bedroom

Your bedroom is a restful oasis at the end of a long day, so it should help you feel at ease once you step inside. Motorized shades lower automatically at dusk to add privacy and block out ambient light from disturbing your sleep, and smart lighting will turn on at a specified time, gradually brightening to wake you more naturally than a blaring alarm clock. Pre-programmed smart scenes can also ease you into a state of relaxation with multiple devices responding simultaneously. “Relax” dims the lights to an amber hue reminiscent of candlelight, and your in-ceiling speakers play lowkey melodies. And if you forgot to arm the security system but are already cozy in your bed, no problem. Simply pull out your smartphone or tablet and arm your system remotely; there’s no need to get uncomfortable and leave your bed.

If you’re ready to explore what’s possible with a professional home automation company like Digital Home Lifestyles, fill out our contact form here to get started or chat with us at the bottom of the screen. We can’t wait to hear from you!